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Digital Identification

Uniqe identity in the internet.You can use your digital identification for all your logins.


No need to remember your password every time. Bcause we give you a one time password


Your personal details are secure with us.

One time registration

If you have Onesmart account, no need to fill registration forms everyday.

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Get your identification now itself. don't be late.

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Frequently Ask Questions

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What is Onesmart?

Onesmart is a software to simplify the login and authentication process that is more poweful than the falliable human mind. We provide unique identifier in a personalized free app with in-app purchases, that allow you to make daily login's and transactional processes frustratio free and very secure. in fact, so secure that we wil gurantee your privacy when using Onesmart's authentication process.

Is Onesmart Free?

If you need a digital Identification number with less than five digits (charactres or numbers), you shoud pay.otherwise you can get a free number if it is available.

How do I use Onesmart?

you can use your Dgital Identification number when you log your profiles(facebook,istagrame,twitter, linkdin) and accounts (mail,transaction accounts).

What is one time password?

no need to remember your password of all your profiles and accounts. when you enter your Digital identification number, we send you you'r one time passsword. then you can log with your one time password. when you logout your password is also deleted therefore no one can hack you